About us

  • Gadogi is a place where ideas are shared, imagined and realized with people from near and far away.

    The way we see it there’s genius in everyone even if it’s sometimes hard to realize all your great ideas without the right support. It’s always more fun to create and achieve things together and that is exactly what Gadogi is all about.

    All we ask is that you dare to dream and collaborate with people in an open and social way. In return Gadogi can help you find the resources, skills and connections needed to make your dream or project come true.

    Have you ever had the feeling that the perfect solution to your challenges is right in front of you even if you can’t see it? Well right now it is, and all you have to do is post your idea or project and say what you need to move it forward: Go Gadogi!


  • “To create the world we want to live in."

    The reason we’re so passionate about your dreams is that we carry one of our own. When we came up with the first draft for Gadogi it started with nothing more than an idea and an incredible desire to realize it (sounds familiar right?).

    We dream of a world where we can fully use all the unique skills and resources we have around us and make great things come true together, both big and small.

Gadogi free website

  • Gadogi is your portal to a world of social collaboration where you can create, build and shape ideas in an interactive and intuitive way.

    Gadogi lets you find and share the ideas and resources needed for any project with other users in a few simple steps.

    The entire site has been designed from the bottom up to be as simple to use and as open as possible to make it easy for everyone to innovate and collaborate.

    To get started with Gadogi all you have to do is sign up and log in!

    We are smarter than me.

    By using the genius of the people around you, you can quickly find ideas and resources that you could never dream up on you own. You can use Gadogi to:

    • Invite your friends to help you with creative projects
    • Turn your network into a creative community of ideas and resources
    • Increase motivation and engagement in your company
    • Boost open innovation culture in science and academia
    • Crowd source feedback and ideas for improvement from customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
    • Break open silos and enhance cross discipline collaboration, idea sharing and innovation

    ... and much more

    Want to know more? Check out our: “How it works” page

Gadogi live events

  • Effective collaboration involves much more than just connecting and collaborating online and we know that!

    That’s why we also support live events where groups of people come together to collaborate on different projects opportunities and challenges and share not just their ideas but also their joy and passion.

    Anyone can host a Gadogi event and there is plenty of resources and support available inside the network to make it successful. Gadogi events can be used in any community, academy, organization, corporation, school, village or city that wants to improve collaboration, innovation and team spirit.

    Gadogi hosted events

    Gadogi also host 1 or 2 days custom sized Gadogi events with experienced facilitators and coaches, tailored to the specific needs and wants of the group or organisation. These events are vibrant and energizing experiences filled with innovation and breakthroughs.

    Solutions are found through a dynamic process of crowd sourcing, innovation labs, group coaching and exploring the different levels of potential

    All the content, solutions, innovations and insights from a Gadogi event can be accessed on the Gadogi web site both during and after the event to make it easy for the group to continue its collaboration and creative networking.

    There are few things more powerful than an idea whose time has come

    We would love to help you if you want to organize an event to inspire your friends, your community or your organization to help each other make ideas and dreams come true in a whole new way.

    Contact us for more information!

Gadogi event solutions

  • We also offer a whole range of other solutions that we can tailor for your specific event. We can deliver almost anything you need to create a more engaging, interactive and collaborative experience to your attendees.

    You can use our different Gadogi solutions before, during and after the event to create a more exciting and engaging experience that helps everyone involved find new and valuable connections, ideas and resources.

    Contact us for more information!

Gadogi in organizations

  • Gadogi organization solutions help your company or association build a stronger culture of social collaboration, resource sharing, idea generation and open innovation.

    Gadogi will help you improve the engagement and collaboration within and between your teams, or if you so desire, with your customers, suppliers or contractors.

    Gadogi helps organizations get better access to their own resources and creativity by inviting employees, customers or subcontractors to collaborate on projects and ideas in a whole new way.

    Going Gadogi boosts engagement by helping people find ideas, support and other resources they need, when they need it. By being able to follow each other’s thoughts and challenges in their work, team members can easily stay connected to each other and support each other with ideas and resources needed in their day to day operation.

    Besides improving effectiveness, idea generation and innovation, using Gadogi can also improve the company brand and social reputation. The most interesting talents of today are attracted to open and collaborative organizations. The same goes for many attractive customers, contractors and suppliers.

    Many experts say that it’s the companies who are able to build strong creative alliances and partnerships with their external stakeholders who will shape the business world of tomorrow. Gadogi can help your organization become one of them.

    Contact us for more information!

Gadogi in organizations

  • Communities and networks can reach a whole new level of potential with Gadogi. By collaborating in this open and easy way everyone in the community can share their ideas and projects and get instant input from others in the community.

    Supporting each other like this contributes hugely to the community feeling and creates much stronger bonds between the community members. This is the community of the future where we make it easy to support our common and our individual dreams.

    OECD has lately highlighted the fact that Social Empowerment and Collaboration on both the local and global levels are necessary conditions if we want to create sustainable societies where we can deal effectively with the social, financial and environmental complexity of our time.

    We face many great challenges today in diverse areas such as; environment, public health, general resources and population growth. Studies have made it clear that we need new tools for communication and behavior if we are to come up with new ideas, technologies and methods necessary to create a better and more sustainable world.

    The good news is that there is a growing movement of communities working towards positive change around the world today. Whatever your passion is, there is a community of like minded people who can support and empower you to create positive change... or as OECD beautifully summarized the state of today’s connected world in their latest report: “an opportunity too good to be missed”

    Gadogi will always fight for the common good and se are committed to support any community that does the same.

    Contact us for more information!


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