• Gadogi is a place where ideas are shared, imagined and realized with people from near and far away.

    We believe that there’s a genius in every one of us and that it is both easier and more fun to achieve our goals when we help each other out.

    We also believe that if we combine all of our unique skills and resources, we can create a better world.To Go Gadogi means…

Be respectful and inclusive

  • Be honest, authentic and straightforward in all actions

    Show tolerance and be respectful of others, even if you happen to have different values or points of view.

    Welcome all contributions as suggestions and ideas, it is through the diverse and the out-of-the-box ideas that new breakthroughs happen.

Collaborate in a useful way

  • Contribute as much as you can and always with try to come up with concrete ideas and resources that feels as useful as possible to the requests in other peoples projects.

    Remember to update your projects so people can follow the progress and contribute with new ideas and resources as things move forward.

    Also make sure to action and like peoples contributions to acknowledge them for helping out with the project you’re working on.

Support your friends

  • Help your friends and colleagues to realize their own dreams as well.

    Invite people you know to Gadogi and introduce them to contacts and groups that you feel they could benefit from being connected with. Also let people know where you think they might be able to provide value as contributors to the people that are already here.

    Be generous with your ideas, resources and connections and enjoy the amazing feeling of having helped someone move their passion forward.

Stay positive

  • Always look for the potential in every situation: What is possible? How can it get any better than this?

    Remember that the greatest ideas are often the ones that doesn’t necessarily make sense to everybody at first. Your crazy idea might be exactly what is needed - If you think it; share it and let others decide if they can use it!

Spread the Gadogi spirit

  • The core of Gadogi is our community of people who believe in collaboration and in contributing to each other’s dreams and projects by sharing the knowledge, experience and resources needed to move things forward.

    Strengthen your own networks by introducing the Gadogi concept of:

    1. Letting people know what you are engaged in and passionate about.
    2. Ask for what you need to move things forward
    3. Contribute with your own ideas and resources to other people’s projects.

    Be the change. Start collaborating and help create a strong and creative community - Go Gadogi.

In constant beta

  • - How can it get even better than this?

    As long as we keep asking this question we will be sure to attract and find new answers.

    It is our goal to continue to implement new functions, products, services and tools to help us in our mission of making it more fun and easy to innovate, collaborate and co-create.

    We will do this primarily by “walking our talk” and listen to the genius of the Gadogi users themselves, and by inviting developers from the community to help shape the future of Gadogi through the use of open API’s and open-source technology.

    Gadogi welcome all ideas for improvements whether it concerns new functions, design, brand, exercises or partnerships that will help us do what we do even better.


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