How it works

  • Gadogi combines social networking with effective and easy-to-use co-creation and crowd-sourcing tools to empower you in your creative projects.

    It’s a new kind of web-community where people come first and the resources they need are always within their reach. The way we do this is by making available the tools, resources and networks needed for innovation in an intuitive and easy way so that you can focus on what you do best: moving your ideas forward!

Start a project

  • Gadogi starts with you creating a project for an idea or initiative you want to realize. Size and scope doesn’t matter as long as you think that it is something people might be willing and able to help you with.

    It can be a personal or a community project, professional or interest related, local or global in scope. It is completely up to you.

    Whether you are pursuing something on your own and just need some ideas and resources from peoples on Gadogi or whether you are working with a team of friends or colleagues doesn’t matter.

    The only thing that matters is that it’s something you truly care about and wish to see realized and Gadogi can help you share your progress and get the help you need on your way to success.

    You can make projects public so anyone can interact and contribute to them, or you can make them private and just invite a close circle of people to collaborate with. It’s totally up to you.

Invite people

  • Once you’ve created your project it’s time to invite people to collaborate with. On Gadogi you can decide how much you’d like to share and with whom so you get exactly what you need from the Gadogi community.

    You then publish your project as either public (visible to everyone) or private (invitation only) and send out invitations to people with request for ideas and resources you think you’ll need. You can, of course, change the visibility of your project (or parts of it) at any time.

    The best thing is that Gadogi lets you send out invitations using your address book and existing social media accounts, as well as find and invite resources in the Gadogi community, based on areas of interest and expertise. All this to give your project the very best chance of success!

Let people know what you need

  • Fill your project with requests for ideas, resources and any other contributions that can more things forward.

    As your project starts to take shape and develop you can start to create updates and send out new requests to people so they know how things are going and what they can do to help.

    Requests can take just about any shape and be about: ideas, feedback, resources, contacts, tools, and even plain old inspiration. Whatever you can think of that others might be able to contribute with you can request directly from your Gadogi project page.

Contribute to other peoples projects

  • As with any social network, digital or not; ”what goes around comes around”, which is why it’s always a good idea to engage as much as possible in other people’s projects with your ideas, resources and expertise. This is the single best way to build up your support network on Gadogi.

    And rest assured that we will help you with this too; all we ask is that you show that you care and are willing to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations as well.

Follow, comment, rate and share

  • Gadogi is all about “helping each other in achieving an individual or common goal which contributes to the greater good of all”, and there’s no better way to do this than simply being social about it.

    Follow people, groups and projects that interest you and get involved in any way you can. When you’re following something on Gadogi you automatically get notifications about relevant activities so that you can instantly jump in and take action!

    Rate and Comment on contributions made by others and help collaborators make the best out of what they have. Remember: Gadogi is crowd-sourced, meaning that whenever you’re lacking something all you have to do is request it from the people, groups or networks you think can help.

    Share anything you think is interesting or useful to anyone of your choice with the simple push of a button.


  • Staying organized is really easy with Gadogi: whenever you receive a contribution you can choose to Action it by marking it as: Under consideration, In progress or Done.

    As soon as you do, a notification is sent out to the relevant people letting them know that you’re using or considering their contribution.

    Better yet, actioned contributions are automatically filtered and searchable so that you can easily find, organize and use them any time you need them for your project.

Engage, interact and celebrate

  • Anytime people have engaged in your project they really want to know how it’s going and what more they can do to help.

    So the best piece of advice we can give you is to let people know what’s going on and don’t be afraid to ask your contributors for more help if you need it. Keeping your followers and resources engaged increases builds up your follower base, and ultimately results in greater success!

    Probably the greatest thing you can give a fellow Gadogi user (besides your ideas and resources) is positive acknowledgement for what they have contributed. So be generous with your praise and let people know just how much their contribution helped you.

    Also remember to have fun! When you reach a milestone, try to get as many of the people involved in your project as possible together to celebrate! It is always good to party after work well done and a Gadogi party is a great way to do it!


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