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Created: 4 Sep 2013 11:37am
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How do you want gadogi to look and feel? This is the development project for gadogi itself. Here you can let us know how Gadogi can improve and give us with suggestions for new features, design or other tweeks. Be part of shaping the perfect place to share and realize your dreams and projects. 

Since this is the very first alpha version of Gadogi, we also want to ask you to help us find every little bugs we might have missed so we can fix them quickly. We believe that all feedback is good feedback, so don't be shy, be honest and if there is something you don't like, please give us your ideas on how to do it better. Go Gadogi.. !
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  • torkel
  • thomas
  • fredrikmeurling
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Gadogi Page - Alpha

Challenges with current Gadogi Page in Alpha version

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26 Oct 2014 11:28pm

Design and text suggestions

Here you can post any feedback that has to do with design or text on Gadogi: Colours, alignment, phrases or clearer instructions for buttons. Any thing you can suggest helps us develop and improve Gadogi

9 Sep 2013 12:43pm

Bugs hunting

Gadogi is still in Alpha launch phase and everything might not yet work perfectly. Please let us know about any bugs or other malfunctions that you discover as you start to use and explore Gadogi!

7 Sep 2013 10:21pm


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