Created: 19 Sep 2013 11:46pm
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We are now nominated in a global contest.

The first game in the world where you hunt real people in the game.

Log in to a real robot, that you remote control over the Internet, and hunt your friends in a paintball or laser tag game.

If there isn't any people on the field then team up and have robot battles.

Is the queue long? Buy your own and have on the battle field. When you don't play with it, we rent it for you and share the profit with you. If you want to build your own, we will give you all the information you need.

We will have a virtual copy of the real game where you can construct your own virtual robot and simulate games in a virtual world. If you win battles in the virtual world, we will build your virtual robot in reality, rent it and share the profit with you. Maybe we build many of your robot design if you are a good robot constructor. That will increase your profit.

I want to take computer gaming to another level and give people a chance to make a profit in the development of the game. 
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TV8 Draknästet 6 april 2015

Vi vann 2.5 milj kr i TV8 programmet Draknästet som sändes den 6 april 2015.

16 Sep 2015 9:43am

Holonomic control of a LEGO Mindstorm prototype

I have a game-robot prototype on LEGO Mindstorm for the new system with the android phone as a network camera, server and robot-brain. The LEGO Mindstorm is on a holonomic platform with omni wheels that need java code adjustments.

27 Sep 2013 11:59am


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