Matching Your Meeting & Event Objectives with the right Mobile App Features

Created: 5 Jun 2014 7:49pm
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There seem to be endless possibilities and ways in which Mobile Apps can benefit Meetings & Events.

What it really boils down to is WHY you are meeting in the first place and to match the Goals & Objectives of your event with the right solution.

Here are some initial areas of opportunity where mobile technology tools can come in handy. Please add to this list as you see fit by Contributing under the various categories listed and/or providing Comments.

This forum is provided as a Best Practice and Idea Sharing platform to spread general awareness about how Mobile Apps can benefit Meetings & Events. Promotion of specific companies is frowned upon.

This is a "living" and ever changing forum so welcome back often!
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To : (Owner) - Matching Your Meeting & Event Objectives with the right Mobile App Features

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Meeting & Event Objectives

Input feature you see being beneficial under each Objective

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5 Jun 2014 8:47pm


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