Perpetual Energy - Positive Feedback Loop - more energy out then in!

Created: 13 Nov 2013 4:32am
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The limitations in most approaches are based on using less energy than the energy produced. When we consider natural sources of energy like the sun, wind, waves etc. we have available energy that is perpetual as long as we have the sun. Using the solar format as an example will quickly show you that we have the technology with simply reflection to create more energy at a core heated by a circular reflective surface than we can handle with today's technology. The current projects actually have to turn the mirrors away from the core to stop the energy from melting the structure. Our problems are not enough energy but how to manage the energy we can create. Another point is many approaches do not use multiple sources to, in a sense, back each other up. Why not use gravity, magnetism, batteries and solar generating energy together? Why not work together? If Tesla thought it worth his time why not us? The solution is more important than which one finds the key for the current working machine. We can always improve on it.

Wasted energy is all around us. Everyone benefits from the smart use of energy. We can do better working together than working against each other.
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