Reuse of Abandoned Strip-Malls

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Created: 30 Aug 2014 10:18pm
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There are tons of abandoned strip-malls while at the same time there is need for space for a wide variety of reasons. Why are abandoned buildings not turned into something useful? > Who or what is stopping that from happening? > Is there any financial advantage for owner to keep it empty? > Are there zoning laws making it difficult to change use of facility? > Is it simply a lack of resources or interest getting people involved? Share your thoughts, reasons and projects re-using abandoned strip-malls. When sharing ideas and resources it becomes easier to make a difference.
There is a great need for affordable housing, temporary office space and places for people to gather.
Seems such a shame to have this imbalance of unused space when there are people desperate to find safe as well as inspiring places to thrive. 
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Why are more abandoned strip-malls not turned into something useful?

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30 Aug 2014 10:32pm


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