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Created: 17 Sep 2013 4:30am
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The Butterfly Model explores the four human needs as a basis for the development of more healthy, productive and harmonious schools, organisations and communities. Evolution has meant that we are all born with four needs that, when honoured and developed, lead to a happier and more balanced life. When blocked or out of balance will always create frustration, disharmony and lack of fulfilment. These four needs are: 1. The need to question 2. The need to form relationships of value 3. The need to become resilient in the face of an ever changing world 4. The need to see the results of our efforts

Here is a link to my presentation in advance for those that are coming and those that are not:
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I will be linking the story of Hamlet, the hero's journey and the four human needs that we all need to honour in our lives, our schools, our work places and communities. Not for sentimental reasons but for reasons of productivity, professionalism and social harmony.

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18 Sep 2013 7:19am

You tube link to the hero's journey

Here's a link showing the 5 stages of the 'hero's journey' that will form the basis for the keynote and workshops I'm delivering tomorrow.

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18 Sep 2013 7:14am


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