Signing up

  • Signing up to Gadogi is easy and free.

       1. Click sign up in the upper right corner of any Gadogi page

       2. Fill in the dialogue box with your name and email address and select a password.

       3. Find the Gadogi confirmation email in your email inbox. (Sometimes it might end up in your junk box because of your filters so check there as well if you can’t find it)

       4. Click the confirmation link in the email.

       5. Login using your email address and the password you just created.

       6. Go Gadogi!

    You can now start to contribute and interact with all public projects and groups on Gadogi.

Logging in

  • Log in to Gadogi so that you can access your user homepage and see all the groups and private projects you are a member of.

       1. Make sure no one else is logged in

    • To log someone else out, click the little arrow by the profile image at the top right of any Gadogi page and select Log Out
       1. Click login in the upper right corner of the Gadogi page
       2. Fill in your email address and password.
       3. Go Gadogi!

Forgot your password

  • If you forgot your password, click here to fill in your email address and we will send you a reset mail so you can make a new one.

    If that doesn’t work, send us an email to and we will help you sort things out.

Finding people on Gadogi

  • After you join Gadogi, there are three ways to find your friends or invite them to join:

    Search for people - You can find people by typing their names or email addresses in the search field at the top left of any Gadogi page.

    • For anyone that does already have a Gadogi account (just click Add Friend)
    • For people who are not yet on Gadogi, just send them an invitation. Learn more.

    Import contacts - You can import contacts from other places outside of Gadogi like your email account address book or other social networks like facebook and we will find them for you. After Gadogi has imported your contacts, you will find them in the People page sorted under a name of your choosing.

    Invite friends individually- You can also invite your friends individually from the Invite Your Friends page. Simply enter the email addresses of anyone you want to invite, add a personal message (optional) and click

    Use the People page – All the people you have invited will end up in your People page in different groups so you can easily find and engage with them. You can also find people in the different projects, groups and events you are connected to and follow them if you want to have a closer connection with them.

    To enter the people page, click “People” in the top right corner of any Gadogi page

Making sure people can find me on Gadogi

  • Use your real first and last name on your Gadogi account

    If people know you by another name like a nickname or maiden name, make sure to include it in your full name.

    Fill in your contact info, like hometown, etc. so people can find you when they use Gadog search.

Explore projects and groups

  • Click ”Explore” in the upper right corner of any Gadogi page to search and explore all the different projects and groups on Gadogi.

    You will see all public groups and projects on the explore page. If you are logged in you will also see all private projects and groups that you are a member of.

    On the explore page you can:

    • Select if you want to explore groups or projects
    • Choose a specific category to explore.
    • Sort the selected findings using a variety of filters.

Contribute to a project

  • As soon as you are logged in to Gadogi, you can interact with all the other users and contribute to all the public projects on Gadogi.

    Every project on Gadogi is made up of updates that show the progress or different focus areas in that project.

    In the updates you will find different requests showing you what they need and how you can contribute to that project in form of ideas, resources or other things.

    You can also see the most important requests for that project listed in one place under ”top requests” at the top of the page.

    Just click any request and add your contribution in the dialogue box that appears.


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